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We Gladly Accept All Major Credit Cards      Lake Norman Airport Taxi Accepts all major credit cards for airport service.  

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We are looking for smart, friendly, customer service oriented people to join our team. It is our goal to provide our drivers all the tools needed to succeed.

Like all taxicab comanies, we are in the vehicle leasing business. The big difference is that we understand and care about all the aspects of this business and how they affect what our drivers earn.

Vehicle Leasing

We offer taxicabs for lease on a weekly basis. lease drivers are provided with a licensed, company own taxicab, company email address, and personal driver page on our company website.

Owner Operator/ Franchise

For drivers wishing to drive their own taxicab we allow owner operators to pay a weekly franchise or stand fee. Included in this fee, we provide the meter, toplight, signage, advertising, company email, personal driver page on our company website, and most importantly commercial taxicab insurance.

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